Digital payment –
simply pay parking fees later

Digital payment option

Pay your parking fees up to 48 hours after leaving

Do you not have cash with you or did you forget to pay for parking before leaving? No problem! Just use our digital input screen below to easily and conveniently find your parking activity and pay the required fees.

The FreeFlow parking process

Parking in 4 simple steps


When you enter the parking area,
your license plate number is detected.


Park your vehicle conveniently without a parking ticket.
Please remember your license plate number.


Pay the parking fee easily and conveniently before exiting
by entering your license plate number at the pay station
or online using your mobile phone.


Your license plate number is detected again when you leave.
Alternatively, the parking fee can be paid online up to 48 hours later.


You can reach us in one of the following ways

Do you have questions or require help with the payment process?
If so, just call our in-house service centre.
We will be glad to help.